You Can Style Your Yellow Maxi Skirt

Yellow is difficult color to be paired with other colors. It is limited in the matter of pairing it with other colors such as, red, green, and other contrast colors. If you have maxi skirt in yellow, you might have difficulty on how to style yellow maxi skirt and what to wear with your yellow maxi skirt. Simple actually if you have known the key of styling it. Yellow is difficult to be paired with other colors, but it doesn’t mean that the limitedness makes it ugly when paired with other outfit.

The first thing is better to talk about what to wear with yellow maxi skirt then talking about how to style it with other accessories. First, you might thing about wearing t-shirt in black or white color. T-shirt that has some words is okay. The next is to wear long cardigan. Again, the color is limited. Black or white is boring, why don’t you try others, like brown or cream? The next way on what to wear with yellow maxi skirt is leather jacket. Leather jacket in black will look so amazing.

Another thing to wear is sequin t-shirt. Since plain yellow maxi skirt is plain and modest, why don’t you add more glam to the top with some touch of yellow or brown glam of sequin t-shirt? The next thing that can be worn with yellow maxi skirt is simple sleeveless button down. It will look so simple but elegant. Sleeveless jeans jacket is also good to be paired with white t-shirt and yellow maxi skirt.

Now, it’s time to talk about how to style it. So many ways to style your yellow maxi skirt. One of them is wearing high heels in black, cream, brown, or white color. Avoid brave and contrast color like red, pink, green, or orange. Then, you can also wear sparkling high heels, too. The other way is wearing necklace which is in brown, white, or black color.

Cute Yellow Maxi Skirt - You Can Style Your Yellow Maxi Skirt
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