It’s Easy to Choose What to Wear with Green Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirt always attracts women. It has some kind of beauty, feminine feels, and elegance. There are so many colors and styles of maxi skirts. There are some maxi skirts with plain color like black, white, yellow, red, blue and green. There are also some others with patterns like floral pattern, monochrome pattern, stripes patterns, etc. It is not difficult to style maxi skirt if you have the keys. It also happens to green maxi skirt.

Do not ever think that green maxi skirt cannot be paired with other outfit and accessories. Though the color is quite difficult to match, it has its own beauty if the choice of outfit pairing with it is chosen well. The first thing is thinking about t-shirt. White or black t-shirt is working well. Another is shirt. Shirt with square pattern with maroon or brown color is great idea for pairing green maxi skirt. If you are not confident, why don’t you try sleeveless t-shirt?

Sleeveless t-shirt with jeans jacket will look amazing. Jeans is good for any colors including green maxi skirt. Another is sweater. Black or white sweater is okay for green maxi dress. And you can pair it with belt in cream or brown color if you are sick of black and white. Other what to wear with green maxi skirt is black and white stripped long t-shirt. You can add a shawl, too.

Long sleeve t-shirt is good for the outfit of green maxi skirt. But, if you do not like it, you can choose to wear blazer. White tank top as the inner top and cream blazer will be perfect combination. It is for the formal look. If you feel hot and uncomfortable, you can take off the blazer and only wear the tank top. It is easy to style your green maxi skirt, right?

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